Now if Lapua made .22 Hornet brass maybe it wouldn't be as large an issue, but they don't. Don't know about the .17 Hornet, but your regular .22 Hornet can be loaded with 4 - 5 grains of Unique + a 40 grain bullet which produces a muzzle blast like a .22 … The KIDD .22LR Classic Ultra Lightweight Sporter Rifle is a quite different weapon than other 22 LR rifles and it is regarded as the best among them. Wotkyns both of whom were working with Springfield Armory during the Roaring Twenties helped finalize the centerfire cartridge's design and chambered it in converted M1922 Springfield rifles, but it was Winchester that first legitimized the cartridge for the commercial market in 1930. Posts: 536. Location: Wellington, New Zealand. It was more of a bullet issue more than shot placement. Just cause they are yotes they deserve the same respect as any game animal. I think I have the scope problem solved, I just bought 2 Bushnell 4200 Elite`s a 4-16X40 AO & a 6-24X40 AO wish they were side focus but can`t have everthing. So it’s better to stay home and whip up a batch of reloads on a day when there’s a frisky zephyr at play. But, within 350 yards or so, the .17 Remington makes a great varmint and predator cartridge, as the frangible bullets make very small holes in a furbearer’s pelt—and usually don’t exit—yet have enough energy and a flat enough trajectory to place shots accurately on woodchucks and prairie dogs, creating that famous red mist. CZ .22 Hornet, vs. CZ .17 Hornet? Mag. for "anchoring" coyotes, something a little bigger is the ticket. I have never lost one that I shot with a 223 or 204. The 20-grain bullet can be pushed to over 4200 fps, and the 25-grain bullet breaks the 4000 fps mark, as well. J'ai une marlin en calibre 22 mag je l'aime bien je ne crois pas que je la changerais pour une 17 hm , j'aime bien vos commentaire. The problems with reloading are the poor brass you have with the .22 Hornet. But savage doesn't make a fireball and CZ does! Entre le .17 HMR et le .22 Hornet, le meilleur choix est sans conteste le calibre .22 à percussion centrale. Forming the brass isn't that hard, you just have to trim it before loading and firing since the 17 hornet case is shorter than the 17 Ackley or the stock 22 hornet. I am a real die hard CZ fan, so anything that gives me the excuse to buy another CZ rifle is a good thing. The introduction of the .17 HMR in 2002 rekindled the flame which was started by the .17 Remington in 1971. I'd pick the .22 Hornet, keep the shots inside 150 yds., and still watch shot placement. I am a big 22 hornet fan, but I can't see any reason to grab the 22 hornet when walking out the door since owning a 17AH. Most people are aiming center of body which is not where the vitals are. It has a 22-inch barrel that is very simple to manage, clean and adjust. In the case of 17 HMR, the bullet trajectory is fully flat to 100 yards (due to its high velocity), but there’s a huge drop in the case of 22 LR. No matter how you launch one of the 20 or 25-grain bullets, their weight and ballistic coefficient are so low that it makes the effects of wind deflection a definite consideration.

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