Amati violins still made and basic price for a 1610 pattern are as cheap as $8,000 while others like Amati Stradivari are more in the area of $10 million dollars. Their importance is considered equal to those of the Bergonzi, Guarneri, and Stradivari families. ALL CUSTOMERS WHO ENTER AMATI VIOLIN SHOP MUST WEAR A MASK! The Mary Portman Guarneri Violin gets its name from a lady who resides in London, by the name of the Honourable Mary Isabel Portman, the builder of “The Kranzbach Castle”. The tonewoods are hand selected for their incredible tap tones. Around 1730, he made two violins from the same piece of wood. We had been placed in the bar, which looked promising. The discovery of a beautiful instrument is always a special event. Most of the time, we have to tell people that their instruments are worth less than they had hoped.

Since 1980, prices for his instruments have increased at an average annual rate of 8.6%. Back to England, we did further research on the violin, and then, at the owner’s request, sold the violin for a good price, almost £50,000. The day was so hot and the valuation session was so quiet, James told me to go and lie by the pool. Improve your playing with a better instrument, Buying a violin at auction: advice for novices, The Complete and Utter History of W.E. The two brothers produced instruments together, developing and strengthening their father's models, which were then copied widely in Italy and in the Netherlands and England. 1597 The attribution is vital, as different makers achieve different prices, depending on the quality of their work. Violin maker A number of Stradivari violins are currently on the market for a more conservative $9-10M. Cremona I think she enjoyed the relaxed and informal nature of the valuation day.

It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at G. B. or J. No Reserve! It had been in the family for some time and he didn’t know what it was or how much it was worth. He is considered one of the finest makers of the nineteenth century. Please follow the link to confirm your registration. Guadagnini (1711-1786) was an itinerant violin maker who plied his trade in Piacenza, Milan, Cremona, Parma, and Turin, with stylistic developments marking his work in each locale. Hill and Sons, THE CITES IVORY BAN: ALTERNATIVES FOR MUSICIANS. Giovanni Battista (abbrev. In retrospect, it seems appropriate that I should have been wearing shorts while valuing a violin that had serenaded so many people on the beach. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7354 5763 The widow of a well-known Eastern European violinist brought us his violin to value. Nicolaus Amati crafted ones ranges in price depending on when he made it. Their large output shows an experimental approach and the many different sizes of violins, ...Read More violas and cellos they created suggests that they were working with musicians to perfect the tone quality of their instruments. Find out now. There was problem sending your activation email, please contact us.

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Probably, but don’t despair. Today, violins created by Nicolò Amati are valued at around $600,000. Finding out the origin and value of your instrument is interesting. Violin maker (c. 1577 – 1620) Antonio and Girolamo (or Hieronymous) Amati, also known as Brothers Amati, inherited the workshop of their father Andrea in the late 1570s. Guadagnini (1711-1786) was an itinerant violin maker who plied his trade in Piacenza, Milan, Cremona, Parma, and Turin, with stylistic developments marking his work in each locale. Cookie Policy, Historic Women Performers: the Sisters Milanollo. Fax: +1 212 202 4660, Tarisio Europe "Violin Advisor assists in the acquisition of investment-grade violins. Giuseppe Guarneri was a violin maker from Cremona, Italy and lived from 1698 to 1744. However, the day wasn’t particularly successful and we were almost ready to go home. View cart for details. The exact date of Antonio's death is not known, but is believed to be around 1610, and Girolamo died of the plague in 1630, leaving Nicolò as one of the primary and most influential proponents of violin making in Italy. We knew straight away that the instrument was a good one – it had a gorgeous back of oppio wood, a reliable indicator of quality. - The auction record for this maker is $775,500 in May 2000, for a viola. We also provide free market valuations of stringed instruments online and in person at valuation days. Free shipping on selected items. B.) Antonio Gragnani (1740-1794) worked in Livorno. Cremona, Violin - Violins can be worth anything from £1 for a factory-made wreck to £10m+ for instruments by Stradivarius. Don’t forget your bow: a bow can be worth as much or more than the instrument it comes with. 1590 Read Less. the 'Baron Knoop', Violin -

Most cracks can be repaired, but they cost money to do and although you might be able to hide them, they will always ‘be there’. Shop eBay for great deals on Amati Violins. Something went wrong. We researched it for him and found it to be a rare Francesco Gobetti violin, which we later sold for a wonderful six figures. You can learn something about your violin from a fake label. Most people when they refer to Amati are referring to the high quality older one from Nicolaus Amati.

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The earliest violin makers were northern Italians Gasparo da Salo (1540-1609), Giovanni Maggini (1579-1630), and Andrea Amati (1520-1611).

Due to the suspension of violin sales at Christie's and Sotheby's in New York and London, the charts below (which are primarily based on data from their auction sales) are no longer being updated. Noted for their fine tonal quality, Stefano Scarampella's violins have increased at an average annual rate of 9.3%. The first question to ask is whether you know who made it. After some feverish bidding, the violin eventually sold for a hammer price of £37,500.

If you are thinking of selling, or just curious about the origins of your violin, viola, cello or bow, come along to an Amati Valuation Day. Stunning Old Andreas Amati Copy Violin 4/4 Lovely Tiger Flamed Wood! Girolamo's son Nicolo took on a central role in the shop after about 1620, and many of the instruments dated from around 1625 are assumed to be his work.

Privacy Policy 1595 United States, Email: Panormo The life and work of Vincenzo and his sons Latest research, new biography, 22 instruments and bows, LSO Digital Exhibition, Violins of the LSO Violin Festival.

- Financial Times. A few months ago, a man brought a violin to an Amati valuation day. The client was delighted. The workmanship and appearance of his instruments are often rough, but the tonal quality is superb. It was therefore lovely to be able to tell this client that her cello was actually worth a great deal. Not all violins, nor specialists, lead rarified lives. ". In walked the final client of the day, carrying a cello. Amati Sacconi Strad 4/4 Violin Outfit With New Carbon Fiber Bow! German Violin, labeled COPY OF NICOLAUS AMATI, German Violin, labeled COPY OF NICOLAUS AMATI, length of back 360 mm. After identifying the 18th Century Italian maker, we were asked to sell the cello and it went on to achieve a world record price, fetching just shy of £400,000. Great deals on Amati Violins. The workmanship and attention to detail are similar to that seen in fine Italian violins.

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