Weight: Empty 78,200 lbs., Loaded 175,000 lbs., Maximum takeoff weight 202,000 lbs. The Boeing B-47 Stratojet was the perfect strategic weapon for its time, so feared by its enemies that the bomber never had to perform its lethal nuclear mission.. MITO could be hazardous, as the bombers left wingtip vortices and general turbulence behind them; the first generation turbojet engines, fitted with water-injection systems, also created dense black smoke.

He had heard about the controversial swept-wing theory of R. T. Jones at Langley, but seeing German models of swept-wing aircraft and extensive supersonic wind-tunnel data, the concept was decisively confirmed. Shortly before, a B-47E, Air Force Serial Number 53-2280, was used as a testbed for a newly developed fly-by-wire system. The final recorded flight of a B-47 was on 17 June 1986, when a B-47E was flown from the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California, to Castle Air Force Base, California, for static display at the Castle Air Museum.
B-47 bombers were often set up on "one-third" alert, with a third of the operational aircraft available sitting on hardstands or an alert ramp adjacent to the runway, loaded with fuel and nuclear weapons, crews on standby, ready to attack the USSR at short notice. Their first aerial refueling was completed without incident. The initial version of this article was based on a public domain article from Greg Goebel's Vectorsite. "Flying the B-47: An inside look at the USAF's first jet bomber. ", "Cable to Commander-in-Chief Strategic Air Command General Curtis LeMay. [67], The final recorded flight of a B-47 was on 17 June 1986, when a B-47E was restored to flightworthy condition for a one-time ferry flight. aid to the B-47 payload was nuclear weapon technology which developed smaller weapons.

In addition, the B-47 was equipped with an air refueling capability and, on several occasions,

the early 1950's. The RB-47E was chased by three Soviet MiG-17 fighters attempting to destroy the aircraft with their guns over Soviet and Finnish airspace.

most significant was the structural revision to convert the B-47 from a high to a low altitude To shorten the landing roll, Air Force test pilot Major Guy Townsend promoted the addition of a 32 ft (9.75 m) German-designed "ribbon" drag chute.

The plane was described as having reached two-thirds of the way down the runway, when it veered sharply to the right, eventually crashing 400 feet north of the runway. Hopefully there will be many more Crew Life stories to follow. The final 15 RB-47Es, built beginning in December 1955, were fitted with additional equipment, including the AN/APD "side looking airborne radar (SLAR)" system, and gear to sample the air for fallout from nuclear tests. Hurley (UPI) -- An Air Force B47 jet bomber carrying four crew members crashed in the heavily wooded Hurley-Ironwood area late Friday while on a practice bomb run, Air Force officials said today. The co-pilot reported that the MiG-19 jammed ("whited-out") his MD-4 FCS scope, rendering the RB-47H defenseless. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mission: Medium Bomber. Between the main landing gear wells was the single bomb bay, which could accommodate a single gravity nuclear weapon or 10,000 pounds of conventional bombs (up to 22,000 pounds maximum in overload condition). [41], During the late 1940s, the bomber was hailed as the fastest of its class in the world. of thrust each. The one problem with this early design was that at higher altitudes where the pure turbojet engines could produce decent fuel economy, the wing was very compromised, speed wise.

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