In order to physically force someone to stop their violent actions we need to either hit him in the Central Nervous System (brain or upper spine) or cause enough bleeding that he becomes unconscious. Impact velocity, bullet expansion and actual penetration would seem to be the pragmatic guide to the determination of effectiveness. 05 The 4-inch round will travel at about 1255 ft/sec velocity, while the round fired from a 3-inch barrel will travel at about 1135 ft/sec velocity. I reported the data I have, but I really don't believe that a .32 ACP incapacitates people at a higher rate than the .45 ACP! It could be that fewer rounds would have stopped the attacker (given enough time) but the ability to fire more quickly resulted in more hits being put onto the attacker. (see Xtreme Defense line in all calibers for complete info) .

Modern manufacturing techniques are so good that buying ammunition from a respected manufacturer with high quality-control and consistent standards is a much better choice.

Spend a few dollars more and get the best ammunition to keep yourself and the people you love safe. - What percentage of people were not incapacitated no matter how many rounds hit them. I checked it against Federal’s web site.

Browse our site today and place your order with confidence. - Accuracy. Some like to base conclusions on caliber, bullet weight and energy. And, after dynamic expansion has occurred, the wound created varies minimally regardless of expanded bullet diameter.

I recently schooled a couple in their late 60’s who had bought S&W Bodyguard revolvers with lasers. #2 the larger wound channels and deeper penetration of larger pistol caliber perform best.

Originally developed by eminent firearms expert Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper in 1983 and later modified by Swiss ammunition manufacturer FVV Norma AB for use in the Bren 10 Auto Combat Pistol produced by Dornaus & Dixon, this handgun and its accompanying .40 caliber cartridge was conceived to bridge the gap between the high capacity, but relatively low-powered, auto-loading pistols of the day, and more powerful, but low-capacity, magnum revolvers in order to provide both police and civilians with an auto-loading, semi-automatic, handgun that would combine the best aspects of both designs. A well placed shot will kill anyone.

I don't sell ammo.


% of hits that were fatal - 65% Again, your abilities, skills, accuracy and shot placement are more important than caliber chosen. Assuming you have the right one, the knife is more reliable than either rimfire or centerfire. Do you agree with the author’s advice? # of hits - 373

Don’t try to justify a 9mm as almost as good. Proponents contend that studying one-shot situations is the best way to compare cartridges as comparing a person shot once to a person shot twice does not maintain a control and has no value.

# of hits - 443 IF you WON’T carry your carry gun, for whatever reason, its like leaving your spare tire in the garage.

1959 With regard to bullet weight alone, Finn Aagaard, a much respected gunwriter and very experienced big game hunter once wrote, “Given sufficient penetration, what does any additional bullet weight add to killing power? This is a hotly-debated subject and there must be recognition that some who have been hit may fall down for a variety of reasons. Penetration is something that is rarely discussed in self-defense conversations, but I believe it is a key element for proper cartridge design for carry. Bullets and cartridges of the same weight or grain may perform very differently. 1945

% actually incapacitated by one shot (torso or head hit) - 60%, # of people shot - 25 Thus, when full-powered loads are employed, the performance of the 10mm Auto can equal, or even exceed, that of the .357 Magnum and retain more kinetic energy at 100 yards than the .45 ACP produces at the muzzle!

Between the most common defensive calibers (.38, 9mm, .40, and .45) there was a spread of only eight percentage points. There wasn't much variation between calibers.

If I had a choice between only a 5 shot .22 short revolver or a .44 magnum, then that choice becomes obvious to me.

1929 I tracked this to check if variations could affect stopping power. Practice with what you have…get training as much as possible and carry properly in the same way as much as possible. The FBI believes that for optimal performance in flesh, a bullet should penetrate between 12″ and 18″ in gelatin. Because having more rounds in the gun has more value than having larger rounds with no practical difference in effectiveness.

You may also enjoy this Greg Ellifritz story: A Parent's Guide to School Shootings.

First you need to consider that the gun will not be for use other than concealed carry. By contrast, a 230-grain Federal Hydra-Shok round with a muzzle velocity of 900 ft/sec will only penetrate about 15 inches.

When pressed, I usually reply Glock G-19, HP +P. 2 speed strips in .357… in my pocket.

That penetration distance ensures that the bullet will reach the vital organs even if it must first penetrate another body part (like an arm or leg) before entering the chest cavity.

Your ability to maintain consistent and accurate shot placement is far more important than the “stopping power” of any particular caliber. 1923 1922

1942 Accuracy (head and torso hits) - 76% 1911 Generally, bullets that expand less almost always Penetrate deeper.

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