Senior Trader Matilda is the Merchant Alliance Representative found on the south western docks at Morrow’s Peak Outpost. Carl is found inside the Clothing Shop on Dagger Tooth Outpost.

She is found behind the bar inside the Tavern.

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Let us jump right in. The nearest outpost is Ancient Spires. To find Tom for Cargo Runs in SOT head on over to the north western portion of Golden Sands Outpost. Martha the Fierce is found on Devils Ridge on the western beach, south of the pond with the waterfall. Learn More. You will see a lagoon, follow the lagoon edge, Frank will be tucked inward toward the central point of Mermaid’s Hideaway next to the lagoon. Wendy is the weapon shop keep found on Sanctuary Outpost. To find Travis for Cargo Runs in Sea of Thieves, head over to the northern portion of Plunder Outpost. Chester is the Clothing Shop Merchant on Morrow’s Peak Outpost out in the Devil’s Roar. Tony is the equipment shop merchant at Dagger Tooth Outpost. For players having issues completing the Wish Ender Bow quest we've detailed how to fix the problem and the exact steps to complete it. Chris, the Cargo Run NPC is found on Plunder Outpost inside the Clothing Shop. The DLC’s are the side dish, but the Chapter is that main entrée. This page was last edited on 2 September 2020, at 22:26. Wild Henry in Sea of Thieves is found on the western pier of Crooks Hollow.

Brian is on Brian’s Bazaar Seapost in the Devils Roar. Sea of Thieves Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. She is the central merchant standing behind the counter. Colin is the Clothing Shop merchant found on Ancient Spire Outpost. From the South beach, head North and walk up the grass path that is to the right of the Battle of the Boar rock painting. Male [T] names represent equipment shops and female [T] names are tavern bar keeps (and so on).eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'mmoscoop_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',120,'0','0'])); This doesn’t 100% apply to all names sadly, there are some exceptions to these rules. Thought it might be a skeleton. Nestled in the Holly Springs suburb of Raleigh/Durham, Devils Ridge Golf Club offers rolling fairways lined with towering hardwoods – a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. About Us. She is nestled next to some rocks on the edge of the beach. In addition, multi named individuals are indications of non-outpost locations (Lootin Penelope, Walter the Feared, etc)…But if you are someone who is attempting to memorize all the NPCs these patterns might help your mental sorting. Release the knowledge with a song, Make haste you dog there's gold at stake, the Legendary Lone Hunter on the north beach beckons with music make, At the sunstone on the North-East shores something is hidden here, read me and it shall appear, The Impaled Explorer hidden from sun's rays, wait for a lantern held blaze, The monstrous sea legend where the stars are dark, 7 paces North shovel makes its mark, Find the painted spears on the South West beach then take heed, reading this map is what ye need, At the overgrown entrance to the North cave something is hidden here, read me and it shall appear, The Battle of the Boar on the South grassy slope holds secrets untold, 7 paces South-by-South East dig a fine hole, The ancient Kraken chamber cries for glorious sunlight, warm it's heart with tuneful might, The caged explorer where the stars are dark, 5 paces West-by-North West shovel makes its mark.
In Sea of Thieves, Walter the Feared is standing on the tiny pier, on the west side of Fetcher’s Rest (in the Devil’s Roar). Devil's Ridge Martha the Fierce is a trader on Devil's Ridge , a possible target for Cargo Run voyages , and stands to the south of the waterfall and in-land pool. Jonah is the merchant on the Wild Treasures Store Seapost. She has secluded herself on this island to avoid other pirates. Shop High Quality Products of 123,Christmas decoration,Uncategorized on devilmerchants. An [S] named NPC more often than not are Ship shop keepers, [W] for weapon merchants. He will be inside the Equipment Shop, closest to the dock, next to the rest of the merchants.

Path of Exile 2 was announced on November 15th, 2019 at the annual ExileCon. To find Deadshot Charolette, look to the west side of Lone Cove. Tim is the Equipment Shop Merchant of Ancient Spire Outpost located on the east, southeastern side of the island. Wilma in Sea of Thieves is the Weaponsmith merchant on Ancient Spire Outpost. Whitney, friends of Wendy, she too is a Weaponsmith. Wonda is the Weapon Shop Keeper located on Golden Sands Outpost. She will be behind the bar. These Merchant Alliance Quests take you on a journey from island to island, delivering various resources to these NPC pirates in order to gain experience toward the Merchant Alliance. Tad is located on Morrow’s Peak Outpost inside the Equipment Shop. The SOT NPC Sandra is the Ship skin merchant found on Dagger Tooth Outpost, on the docks across from the Merchant Alliance rep on the southern side of the island. Find Catherine behind the shop counter, centered on the island. Join the fun!Become a Member Host an Event Find her inside the weapon hut on the north western section of island. Find Scarlet the ship skin merchant on the east side of the southern dock on Galleons Grave Outpost. Learn More. Devil's Ridge is a location in Sea of Thieves. The clothing shop on Plunder outpost is found on the northern tip of land next to the rest of the merchants. Find him tucked in near the center of the island on the southern side near the large portion of beach and main dock. More specifically, look to the western chunk of separated land. To find Looting Penelope, head over to the east side of Kraken’s Fall. Bar & Grill. The weapon shop where Willow works is right across from the dock. An anchor brought up in a trawler's fishing nets off the coast of the U.K. is reportedly from a 17th-century shipwreck. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'mmoscoop_com-box-2','ezslot_1',118,'0','0']));In Sea of Thieves running cargo for the Merchant Alliance will require you to know where specific NPC pirates are stationed on various islands. Add a photo to this gallery Look to the northern beach of Shipwreck Bay to find Grogsoaked ED. Look on the south side of the largest portion of island for the clothing shop to find Charles the Sea of Thieves Cargo Run NPC. Grinding Gear Games is bringing us a sequel that promises to carry over your hard-earned progress from its predecessor Path of Exile. The clothing shop is on the north western section of island. I'm Martha the Fierce.

She is on the southern point of the far eastern slit of land. Learn More. Yes, that's what they call me.I think it's a bit of a joke, actually.AAARGH!Sorry, I heard a bird chirping. To find Wednesday look for the Weapon shop on the western portion of land on Morrows Peak Outpost. Martha the Fierce is a trader on Devil's Ridge, a possible target for Cargo Run voyages, and stands to the south of the waterfall and in-land pool.

We have listed each in NPC in alphabetical order we hope you find this informational and helpful in your journey. The NPC’s names are clues to what profession they represent.

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Cooper the Galleon’s Grave clothing merchant is found on the south western portion of island. Host Your Wedding at Devil’s Ridge Golf Club!

The clothing shop is located to the south east portion of land. Welcome to Devil’s Ridge Golf Club! Events. A tip for Tony’s wearabouts is that he’s BURNIN. Here is a list of all the cargo run NPC islands and locations you need to keep track of in Sea of Thieves.

This course is rated 4.5 out of 5 . Devil's Plants degrade much faster than regular plants. Contrary to what her name implies, Martha is quite nervous and paranoid, with a tendency to mistake harmless actions or objects for something more sinister. Raiding in D2 requires players to find their own groups. Find Sue the ship shop merchant on the north western docks of Plunder Outpost. The island is multi-level and includes Skeletons, Pigs, Snakes, and Chickens. Winnie is the one eyed Weaponsmith in SOT located on Dagger Tooth Outpost.

Find Elanor on the Roaring Traders Seapost. Find Tasha in the Ancient Spire Outpost Tavern atop the hill. You don't plan to rob or shoot me, do you? The Finest Trading Post Seapost is where you will find Rachel for Cargo Runs in Sea of Thieves. In this cave system, there is a painting of the Kraken, and a cursed boar shrine. Also known as the dedicated store merchant of the island. The Crate of Devil's Plants is a type of Cargo: The plants will degrade after some time, but can be maintained by contact with water; either through bucket or being submerged in ship bilge water at the indicated water line on the crate.Upon being sold, it will reward Pirates with Merchant Alliance Reputation and Gold. Cargo run Shelley can be found on the eastern docks of Ancient Spire Outpost. It features an extensive cave system with many entrances, including an elevated one that goes through a waterfall. Something I noticed when creating this article (it is something I overlooked until I put all the NPC’s in alphabetical order). It is currently the most South-Eastern Large Island in the game, located at U,24 on the map. Sea of Thieves Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. He is on the largest centered section of island, not on the circling tiny rock forged islands. In alphabetical order, here are all the Cargo Run NPC and their locations in the Sea of Thieves. Chester is the Clothing Shop Merchant on Morrow’s Peak Outpost out in the Devil’s Roar. Find the Tall Tale book sitting on the right side of the bar. Martha the Fierce - Possible target for Cargo Run voyages, stands just South of the in-land pool, by the waterfall The clothing shop is located to the south east portion of land.

To find Five Paces Frank run inward from the north eastern portion of land. Contrary to what her name implies, Martha is quite nervous and paranoid, with a tendency to mistake harmless actions or objects for something more sinister. Have you noticed the pattern yet? Through the gloom to the boulder crushed explorer ye are bidden, examining this map something else is hidden, To the cavern opening hidden by tears a secret does belong. To find Willow, sail over to Galleon’s Grave Outpost, park at the southern dock and head inward for the Weaponsmith. Tasha is also the starting point of the The Legendary Storyteller tall tale. A skeleton throne can be found on the North side of the island, below the peak. Personally, I am super excited for this new chapter because it is enhancing my favorite skill line, the Vampires! Everything from the solo player to the pirate life we discuss which Walker is right for you. I disagree.People make fun of me for being... did you just see a skeleton? Peter in SOT is the Merchant found on the Spoils of Plenty Store Seapost, not to be confused with the Hunters Call representative on the dock. Oh!

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