Circuit networks are built using red or green wire, and enable the control of receivers, based upon information broadcast onto the network by connected senders.

Each circuit network contains a channel for every kind of item, as well as 48 extra virtual signals which act as user-definable channels. To connect wires or cables to a power pole, simply click on one entity, then on the base of the power pole. - The right path is designed to ensure NO item is requested. For example, 3 chests A, B and C connected in a row (A -> B -> C) with green wire will output the sum of their contents along any green wire connected to any of the chests.

I plan to detail every step in the hopes you can make it yourself. #1 Remote planet signal containing all logistic inventory, #2 Receive and clean the inventory signal, 3. Improvements to circuit network connection, one can connect multiple wires of the same color to the same entity.

The combinator will output the sum of each of the actions if only used in the input.

Great post! C. On the accumulator, set the signal type to anything easily remembered. However, two red cables or two green cables will link if they touch. So while figuring all this out, I had a lot of interruptions in my inventory signal, which caused a flurry of loading extra stuff into my rockets.

The silo connection accomplishes two things; it adds the cargo silo inventory to the signal, so that it is no longer counted as demand, and the silo sends a "rocket complete" signal when the rocket is built. Otherwise nothing gets through.

The logistic network used by logistic robots is essentially a third network (a wireless one), along with the green and red wired networks.

Subreddit for the game Factorio made by Wube Software. 2147483647 + 10 becomes -2147483639. Each device that is able to be connected to a circuit network has a icon located in the top right corner of its info pane. It can output the current oil mining rate.

For example, if an inserter is connected to a red wire carrying a signal for 20 copper plates and a green wire with 10 copper plates, the input signal set for that receiver will be 30 copper plates. Wire length is limited by its previous connection.

However, if a red wire connects chest A to an inserter, that inserter will only be given the contents of A as its input signal.

We achieve this by subtracting 1 million from our inventory values, simulating a huge supply, so there is no need to load anything! Transport belts can send their content to the circuit network. You will need to set each chest to "set filters" based on signals. I'll be talking a bit about the feature I've been working on: the Combinators. The condition is also true if there are no signals.

Gates can send a signal to the circuit network. Here are some entities that are planned to be connectible to the Circuit Network: The circuit network has been modified a bit. Put down some constant combinators and set the values you want.

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