FEATURES A TAN SHIRT OPTION! These skins are based off of the Alaska State Trooper's "Guardians of the 49th" campaign. @Yorpie How can i open and edit .ydd and replace lowr_000_u ? If high, such as 12, decrease. OpenIV is just the app that lets you to replace files internally. INSTALLATION Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_s_m_y.rpf\ When uploading the edited texture, Please do not include the model!

Listed below are the year, name, and model of the skins included. Create your own server and make your dreams come true.Our multiplayer modification framework provides a vast set of tools to personalize the gameplay experience of your server.

However, my next lore friendly ped pack I do is going to be SAHP and it was going to be some tan uniforms.

It's for RDE. Or do you mean, patrolling? I can give you my email via forums. Please base reviews off the quality of the download, not based off of installation trouble.  

@Yard1 or any1 Cop Holster plugin config: [Ped:S_M_Y_SWAT_01] A new file is going to be created that includes the updated vehicles and will be updated as vehicles are finished. For example swat: and police: Then create a new resource called however you want, for example , then create a document called <__resoucre.lua> and let it empty LSSD SEB - https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/lssd-seb-ped-model For updates please visit the, Want to know what's being done?

Hey I was wondering if you can reupload this as a variant without the helmets. Do i need Zmodeler 3? This validation emulates the game's interaction, and can not be detected by Rockstar.FiveM also doesn't modify your game files at all, even when downloading server assets, so you don't have to do anything to switch between FiveM and GTA:O.

The helmet is not actually part of the model. If low, such as 1, increase.

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I can not seem to import the files into Zmodeler 3 for some reason. @Yard1 nice mod :) how can i open .ydd files and edit them? The pack contains seven peds; two standard female troopers, two standard male troopers, one motorcycle unit, one lightweight SWAT unit, and one plain clothed trooper.

Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: 1 631 téléchargements , 5,8 Mo @Yard1 Could there be a face mask accessory for snipers? whats bthe different between the one already out and this one. LSSD SEB - https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/lssd-seb-ped-model TheHurks CHP Pack Included Vehicles:

2018 Dodge Charger @Yard1 I want to add the tactical pistol holster and merge the default helmet on the default s_m_y_swat_01.

SuperCallouts - 26 new detailed and uniform callouts.


2012 Charger - 

The pack contains seven peds; two standard female troopers, two standard male troopers, one motorcycle unit, one lightweight SWAT unit, and one plain clothed trooper.   Wähle eine der folgenden Kategorien, um die aktuellen GTA 5 PC Mods zu entdecken. - 2013 Ford Explorer (Slicktop) Consider supporting us on Patreon! i will be out for some hours.please!, so taht i dont forget you, send me an email to rekramwf@gmail.com so that you let me remember what you asked me.

@Yard1 I just wanted the vest and helmet. @J9090 Prius i hope is uploaded this week if not next week. You can attempt to delete all instances of the helmet. To aru kagaku no railgun Nissan Silvia S15 Vertex, Itasha "Love Live! Your SWAT ped's helmet in RDE can't get knocked off. This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com.By using LCPDFR.com, you agree to our terms of use. I dont have RDE or GTA Realism installed so my path to replace the S_M_Y_Swat files is x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\pedprops.rpf\ and componentpeds.rpf for anyone that has trouble finding them. csb_hugh 0 prop 7 components Using Zmodeler 3, this is a custom ped made from existing parts edited to fit together in order to provide a semi-accurate representation of the real life LAPD SWAT officers.

If you want to stream addon peds like geo or swat you can do it very easy, rename the ped as how is called in the game. s_m_Y_swat_01_r2pvg, Military Enhancement Project - US Army (Multicam) Addon, Bravado Buffalo 1st gen Mapped SAHP-Style, Military Enhancement Project - HD USAF/ACU Addon.

LAPD SWAT Officer by Yorpie This is a mod which replaces the NOOSE unit with a LAPD SWAT officer.

@Yard1 hi Yard is there a way to have the model without the helmets?because a want to make a skin for your model but its not swat its a motorcycle officer or could you tell me how to remove the helmets so i could add mine... @Yard1 where did you the voice from what file? It is going to be maintained as a "Legacy" version so that all previously released version/vehicles may continue to be available for download. Check out the Project Arizona DPS, This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from, -[4K] Texas Sate Trooper Livery Pack [Mega-Pack]-, [AST] Alaska State Trooper's "Guardians of the 49th" Campaign Skins, Arizona DPS Pack [Hybrid/Add-On] [Legacy], Lightweight bulletproof vests (variations), Lightweight bulletproof vest (variations). I am not on my actual library computer right now but I'll have the file deletion soon. Hello it's possible to have this ped on five m server. I noticed some color stains/artifacts on both shirt and gear, @AlexVonShep The texture file format was DDS (DXT5), @rekram Its ok XD im a bit excited cuz i see no similar mod to what i just suggested on doing.Like the vest looks better than those plain shitty fat vest plus it has a small backpack. Using our advanced and unique features, you can make anything you wish: roleplay, drifting, racing, deathmatch, or something completely original. @837 RDE is the package modification that the realsim team made. That would require editing some files, if that is what you want tell me, I'll check it out. All uniforms have been made as accurate as possible and are based on different variations of the DPS uniform. Patrolling together with the Cops. Thank you. If the download doesn't start, click here.Like FiveM? @Gekko_s They sould spawn at 4 stars. THE VELOCIRAPTOR 0.14 --------- v1.0 Based on Rockstar's "s_m_y_cop_01" PED files (the base police men). Umi race car" Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, AI Cover Animation MOD + Weapon Animation Improvements, Itasha "Oreimo" Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34). We need to do this to check if you actually own GTA V, when our automatic validation fails. Military Enhancement Project - HD USAF/ACU Addon.

I'll think about possibly creating them in a similar style to these. Not the new ones on the last update. I wanted to port it into EUP so there will be more customization.

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