When Gordon arrives at the building and heads inside, he finds that Tetch once more is not present. Calling up Gordon, Jervis taunts him while planning to make him be what he is by making him choose to either save a hypnotized Dave and Amy Walters from falling off the overpass or prevent a hypnotized boy Shane from being hit by a truck, saying that he cannot say both in time.

Tetch then heads to Oswald Cobblepot's mansion where he attends the Founder's Dinner. Tetch (By Jonathan Crane), Professional criminalAnarchistTerroristSecond-in-Command of the League of Horribles (formerly). Gus Floyd | Unknown to Jervis, Alice was captured by men working for Professor Hugo Strange and taken to a secret facility named Indian Hill underneath Arkham Asylum, Gotham City, where she got subjected to experiments along with other unfortunate inmates. After Gordon gets the location, he subdues Jervis after shooting him in the hand and tells the listeners to save each other which they do.

And by fish, I mean faces, or feet.

At night, a prison van was meant to transport Jervis, the driver equipped with ear defenders.

Richard Gladwell | He was portrayed by Benedict Samuel, who also portrayed Owen in The Walking Dead. Alice took what money they had and fled, leaving Jervis in a state of grief as he wanted his sister back. Instead, he hypnotizes Gordon. Jervis then has Gordon take a look where he sees Deever and Dumfree Tweed abducting Valerie Vale.

Jervis tries to get Gordon to choose once more, giving him the choice of who to kill at the count of three.

Anarchistic Mind-Breaker, The Magic ManThe Mad HatterMr. In season 5, he keeps a photograph of his sister Alice inside his hat.

He tried calling the police, but they were useless. History. Jervis sought out the aid of private investigator James Gordon to help track down his sister. The next day, Tetch visits James Gordon at his house. Lee then tells Jervis that she never blamed him for what happened to Mario, but blamed Jim. Occupation Jim, however, refuses to play Tetch's game. Tetch then tells Gordon to look up. He then ran out of the maze bunker, laughing maniacally in the process. He isn't held for very long, as Ed Nygma makes a deal with Jim to trade Jervis for Oswald. Eduardo Flamingo |

However, claiming that she will never be with him, Alice wrenches free but, while stumbling back, falls over the edge of the walkway and is impaled and killed by a metal pipe. Tetch kidnaps a newly-wed couple, disguising himself as their driver. A devastated Jervis flees the scene with two of the Tweed brothers. —Jervis Tetch to Jim Gordon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jervis, Jim and Harvey flee the scene and hide in a garage. Jervis hijacked a radio station to make it's listeners head to the roof and jump off the roof by midnight. Panicking, Alice asks what he plans to do with this blood and Tetch reveals that he might put it into a public drinking fountain should Alice try to escape him again. Scarecrow said "Let me give you something I like to keep up my sleeves for times just like these" before using his fear gas dispenser to spray a brown acid into the other pilot's face, causing him to scream in pain and collapse onto the floor to his colleague's horror. At this point Tetch was now clean shaven.

Edward Nygma | [2], Tetch enlists The Terrible Tweeds to help him break Alice out of police custody.

He poisons the wine with Alice's blood and later, together with the Tweeds, shoots up the dinner. During the struggle, Alice accidentally falls off the balcony and onto a pike. The next day, Tetch calls round to the apartment of bounty hunter Jim Gordon and hires him to find Alice, and gives his story on her disappearance. Another unsettling attribute of Tetch's personality was his clear incestuous feelings for Alice. Whilst locked up in Arkham Asylum, he crafted a makeshift top hat out of newspaper to replace his confiscated one. [2], Jervis, filled with rage at James Gordon, went on a killing spree killing women who were dressed as Alice. Tetch offers to reveal everything he knows about the virus but before, Barnes has to tell him which aspect of Barnes was affected by Alice's blood. The Mutants.

Church of Jeremiah | When Gordon, Bullock and Oswald turn up, Nygma threatens to kill Tetch with the grenade if they try to trick him. Jonathan and Jervis eventually fled back to the exit and found themselves in the same place where Jerome was still talking to his brother. She got a job working in a bar, but after cutting herself by accident and spilling blood on the counter, she grew scared of the consequences of what he…


When Gordon visited Nathaniel, he is told that Jervis and the Tweeds have been remanded to Arkham Asylum. Upon slitting the woman's throat, Jervis uses her blood to write Jim Gordon's name on a piece of paper as he begins to plan his revenge. Upon arriving in Gotham, Tetch was employed by Barbara Kean at her nightclub The Sirens to put on a show, in which he used his specialties in hypnosis. Tetch hypnotized two Wayne lookalikes and Alfred Pennyworth at Wayne Manor and then assisted Ecco at Ace Chemicals. Jervis warped the girl's mind, and forced her to kill his parents in order to have Alice to himself.
Alice tells Gordon she doesn't want her brother to find her.

I paid attention.". Gordon then hangs up on him, doing so once more when a furious Tetch calls him again.

He acts as the main antagonist in the first part of Mad City arc (before Jerome took over this role in the second part, which begun after the death of Mario Calvi), as he was the most common adversary to protagonist James Gordon. Jervis Tetch is shown to be psychopathic and unhinged, and quite sadistic. Jervis then states that he knew she loved Jim, and her love for him doomed Mario. (1948). He returned to Penguin's manor in time for brunch, just as Jerome was telling everyone his plan. Gordon decides to save the boy but the couple falls to their deaths.

", whereon he poked his brother's forehead and added "Plus, you used to draw those stupid things all the time as a kid.

After his escape from the roof, Tetch heads to an abandoned amusement park, hypnotizing the owner. Crane then began unlocking the handcuffs whilst saying "You look a fright, Mr. Tetch", whereon Jervis responded "Somewhat lame, my dear Mr. Crane. Before he lifts the hypnosis, he whispers the man into the ear. He then uses her blood to write an invitation card for James Gordon, vowing revenge to those who had a hand in his sisters' demise. Horrifed, Mad Hatter shouted "must go, must go" repeatedly while running through the corridors. Barbara asks him whether, with his hypnosis, Tetch can order people to do anything. Where Were You On The Night Batman Was Killed? After his show he speaks with Barbara and co-owner Tabitha Galavan.

When they met up, Hatter attempted to hypnotize them and told them to listen to what he has to say, but Bullock drowned him out and loudly yelled "Oh, hell no!
Delighted, Jervis tells the man to wrap his dead wife in plastic and to bury her. Ra's al Ghul | [9], He then gets a visit from Lee. "Matches" Malone | Before he drives off with them, he tells them that their fate entirely depends on James Gordon, then revealing that he also kidnapped a little boy. Gotham He returns as a supporting antagonist in the Heroes Rise arc. Tweaker | Reading Gordon and coming to the conclusion of his past tragedies, Tetch puts thoughts into Gordon's mind about how life isn't worth living, before getting him to stand on the edge of the building. Clearly enjoying seeing Jim struggling, he reminds Jim if he kills him, there will be no possible way of an antidote.

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