[179], On 13 September 2019, Robinson was released from prison after serving nine weeks. Tommy Robinson has fled the country and said he wants to move abroad because he does not feel safe in the UK. The court rejected Robinson's claims and ordered him to pay £20,000 towards costs. When questioned about this by journalist Andrew Neil in June 2013, he said that he had left after one year, saying, "I didn't know Nick Griffin was in the National Front, I didn't know non-whites couldn't join the organisation. Published: 00:49 GMT, 11 August 2018 | Updated: 13:30 GMT, 11 August 2018. Then he was prosecuted for mortgage fraud and served six months in prison after being found to be the 'instigator if not the architect' of a £160,000 series of scams in which several mortgages were obtained by deception by a group of his associates. Tommy Robinson arriving at Westminster Magistrates Court. [76], Commander Dean Haydon of Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command said that online material from Robinson had played a "significant role" in how Osborne was radicalised and "brainwashed". [167], Following court hearings on 27 September[168] and 23 October, the case was referred to the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC MP. [47] However, on 11 October 2012, Robinson resigned from the BFP to concentrate on EDL activities. I invite Colm J to calculate himself how much that is as a percentage of the population. It is a nation built on hatred, on violence and on Islam. He had not revealed where they were in the video but hinted at Spain due to his reference to the government's re-imposed 14-day quarantine rule. Despite the fact that dozens of such "Asian Grooming Gangs" have been operating across the country in numerous of our towns and cities since the 80s and possibly even the 70s! By rugby tackling Robinson and flooring him, while he was having a VERBAL dispute, before people, yet again, jump to the wrong conclusions, with his future wife!

Posted by: The name Tommy Robinson is a pseudonym taken from a prominent member of the "Men In Gear" (MIG) football hooligan crew, which follows Luton Town Football Club. [195] In June 2014, Robinson was released on licence. South Coast The centre, which was providing support for rape victims of all ethnic backgrounds, condemned Robinson's post for "disrupting much-needed service provision for victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse of all ethnicities and backgrounds". | Indymedia 05 December 2018 at 12:08 AM, > “The sheer gullibility of the far right never ceases to amaze me. Here I discuss the mad twisting of the clocks, and the continuing crisis with Richard Madeley on Talk Radio, PETER HITCHENS: Let's turn back time - to when we didn't mess up our clocks, Time and Time Again - BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme has me on fleetingly to talk about clocks, Today's (19/10/2020 conversation with Mike Graham on Talk Radio, Britons are being sentenced to a slow, agonising death... by No 10's panic squad, writes PETER HITCHENS, My latest conversation with Mike Graham on Talk Radio (12th October 2020), Abolition of Liberty (see also Brief History of Crime), Brief History of Crime (see also Abolition of Liberty), Broken Compass (see also Cameron Delusion), Cameron Delusion (see also Broken Compass), Conservative Party (see also Useless Tories, Tories), Death Penalty (including Capital Punishment, Execution). [64] In March 2019, at Peterborough County Court, Robinson accused Cambridgeshire Constabulary of harassment, direct discrimination, humiliation, stress, anxiety, and breach of human rights namely, the right to family life, right to freedom of conscience or religion and freedom of expression. Compare politicians, Sinn Fein, ex terrorists and murderers feted by "liberals"! Posted by: [135][144] [93], In March 2018, Robinson was permanently banned from the microblogging site Twitter for violating its rules on "hateful conduct". Ray has focused his efforts on making Crusader-themed anti-Muslim promotional videos, and he and Greger have just issued a notice of “expulsion” of the EDL’s leaders, together with a demand for control of the EDL’s websites. You only care about stopping Tommy, not about protecting white girls.
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Yaxley-Lennon has never ever exposed even a single gang of Japanese Shinto Manicurists and Chinese Taoist Hairdressers for giving young girls unasked for makeovers. Has this web page been edited?! And often the people who get caught up in these 'fights' are lying unconscious on the ground while those they are 'fighting' kick and steal from them. "[160], Reporting restrictions were lifted on the three Huddersfield grooming gang trials after the jury reached a verdict in the final trial.

[138][135], The reporting restriction with regard to Robinson was lifted on 29 May 2018, following a challenge by journalists. Last year, he was filmed brawling outside Ascot racecourse, seemingly a favourite day out. [82] Robinson also made a false allegation using a photo stolen from a news article on a teenage cancer patient. [137] Having breached a temporary section 4 (2) order under the Contempt of Court Act 1981,[139] Robinson was told that if a retrial had to be held as a result of his actions the cost could be "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds". [193][194] Shortly after this incident, Robinson was moved to HM Prison Winchester.
He got ten months. Robinson was jailed and later released in mid-2018 for almost collapsing the Huddersfield grooming gang trial. 10 December 2018 at 04:02 AM. They love him; they must do: he’s one of them. [127] A typical example saw him travel to the spot in Woolwich where soldier Lee Rigby was murdered by an Islamic extremist, in order to complain about the fact that no memorial has been erected there. He argues that while the American justice system is better than the British in some respects it is worse in its tolerance of trials being prejudiced. 04 December 2018 at 04:51 PM, "The explanation for Mr Hitchen's distaste for Tommy Robinson is quite simple, class snobbery. His wardrobe staples are £100 T-shirts and £500 coats made by Stone Island, a brand once described as 'the imperial robes of ladwear'. A good proportion of what I knew about Robinson comes from Baron's five minute YT video entitled Tony Robinson: Hero or Idiot?

Q He was filmed threatening every Muslim in Britain.

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