And as you may guess, pike are drawn to the scent of bait better than to artificial lures. When northern pike just won’t rise for spoons or crankbait using bait fish can be a great way to land a few fish.

Other salmon feel the vibration along their lateral line... Western Canadian Fishing is a member of the Amazon Associates program. Rigs There are many different floats and float rigs available, depending on where you are fishing and in what conditions, but a favourite choice would be a simple sliding set-up. And having 2-3 rigs at once in water will keep you busy most of the time and thus give you a very interesting fishing experience.

When you want to start fishing pike with dead bait, it’s a good idea to also take a look at the gear you plan on using. In its simplest form all you need is a few feet of monofilament and a few treble hooks. They will be much easier to cast too. The floats used for deadbaiting are often fished bottom end only, similar to a waggler, but the depth is controlled with the use of a stop knot rather than split shot. Very inexpensive ( a few dollars) and hardy, you will land a number of fish with one before needing to replace it. The quick strike rig consists of two or three treble hooks with monofilament leader. As always its smart to consult your local fishing regulations about this. Don’t keep the bait in warm temperature overnight as it starts to rotten and might not be attracting pike as well. If you don’t want to tie your own dead bait rigs, there’s always the possibility to buy pre-tied rigs. As for the reel – you can use the same reel for dead bait as you use for lure fishing. Buying lures is like a side hobby to fishing itself. You are able to set multiple baits into the water at once. As mentioned earlier, dead baits attract pike with their scent so even if you’re not in the perfect spot, pike will find you more easily. { 9-10 ft (2,7-3 m). Dead bait pike fishing is definitely one of the most lucrative ways of catching many and also big Northern pike. ",

Pike are notorious for severing through fishing line. I use the pickerel rig a lot as a dead bait rig for pike both in open water and ice fishing season. Here are a couple of Pike dead bait rigs I use on my local rivers that I thought might be of interest. Flashers act like a salmon feeding on a bait ball. For that, you need one treble or single head hook, a leader, and a weight. One of the main reasons why dead baits are so effective is because they emit certain scent in the water.

Fishing has been my hobby since childhood. Therefore, if the pike isn’t as active, you might miss out on a monster pike because they like to conserve energy. "acceptedAnswer": { In its simplest form all you need is a few feet of monofilament and a few treble hooks. You need to get bait, carry a lot of stuff with you, set up rigs, set the hook the right way, etc. Shallow bays off the main lake are always a draw.

"text": "When you were rigging a dead bait for Pike with a quick strike rig you have a couple of options on how to orient the bait. But how? As you dead bait rig is bigger in size and ofter also heavier, it’s much easier to cast with a longer rod – e.g.

If you’re using a one hook setup, you have two option: either you set the hook through its head or before the back fin. Another great way  Of using dead bait is tipping the end of your artificial lure with a small piece of bait fish. This will ensure a “head down” presentation as most fish take bait fish head first. Jack fish rigs are quite similar to Pickerel rigs. But at its core, dead bait fishing is just a much more effective approach to pike fishing. Suckers arnt considered game fish so you should be fine to do this in your state or province. You can often get several times more smelt or anchovies for the same price as a package from your local bait shop." And the time spent on preparing is well worth it – trust me!

Many fish will take a bait head first which is why this is also advantageous. },{ "@type": "Answer", You can use simple rigs with one hook set through the upper lip or before the back fin. Most people, when starting out pike fishing, usually go with a simple rod-reel-lure setup and stick with it most of the time.

This rig works especially well when ice fishing for pike, but can also be used during other seasons either in rivers or lakes. Think of it like this: If you’re lure fishing, you’re always handling one rod and one lure at a time. The exact size will vary depending on the bait fish you are rigging from smelt all the way up to foot long white sucker fish.

For this reason its good to use high oil bait fish.

Try to keep them cool until you’re at the location and want to start using them. It’s important to understand where you’re about to fish and what the conditions are like. I’ll often use just a standard jig head paired with a dead bait instead of a soft bait. It’s a strong, easy to tie rig that offers little resistance to a fish, when it takes the bait.

When you were rigging a dead bait for Pike with a quick strike rig you have a couple of options on how to orient the bait. This technique will work great with anchovies or colored smelt.
There are some differences when compared to lure fishing, that make dead bait fishing easier. }

Jackfish Riggs still incorporate the red beads to help attract pike. You set your rig up and wait until you get a hit. Because the bait is in the water for a much longer time and staying in one spot – pike have more time to pick up on the scent respond to it with an attack. That allows for a resistance-free grab for pike, thus causing no alarm in them. If the pike are only small hammer handles ( 12 or 16 inch fish) you may want to downsize a bit and go with a 1 or 1/0  size hook. The difference with the float rig and a quick strike rig is that the weight bomb runs on the main line and bait runs on a loose swivel attached to the main line. If you want to use a bigger bait and more stable rig, you can have a swivel at the top of the main line, from which two leaders come off and have treble hooks at the top of the leaders. Some people also add a third treble hook to the rig, if the regulations in that jurisdiction allow . "@type": "Answer", You could say that bait fishing is much more passive in that sense. My usual tactic is to use a much larger bait such as an 8 inch herring, looking to land a solid 3 foot+ northern pike.

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