Female Miniature Pigs: Which Option is Best for You? “Female pigs who aren’t spayed she will cycle every 21 days,” Shepherd says. Again, choosing a breed of pig for your farm is easier than you think! Pig parents also have to find a balance between what they feed their pet and how much they eat while grazing outside. Despite being so large, he’s extremely gentle and has the best personality. The Pietrain has the ability to produce high yields of lean meat. It’s totally fine to crossbreed! A pig likes to go to the bathroom in the same spot everyday, but if that is not cleaned up and there’s nowhere else for them to go, that’s what can cause a smell. Berkshires have been bred to keep this marbling ability, while many of the pig breeds today have been bred to not marble as well. “They are more likely to have uterine issues, like endometriosis, in adulthood, as well as tumors.”.

“Pigs like to root so will often splash their water out of their bowl and not have any to drink later. The Tamworth is one of the oldest meat pig breeds. If you are looking for a pig that will really produce babies for you, the Meishan may be the pig you need. You can really start to narrow the options when you figure out what you want. For more information about the Meishan breed of pig, you can visit the Livestock Conservancy’s Meishan page or the American Meishan Breeders Association. I am keen in raring pigs for commercial purpose.

Due to their high intelligence, it's fairly simple to train a pig to behave as you wish and to perform tricks. More on how pig anatomy works in another article. Poland China, breed of pig developed between 1835 and 1870 in Butler and Warren counties, Ohio, U.S., by a fusion of Polish pigs and Big Chinas.The Poland China is black with a white face and feet and a white tip on the tail; the ears droop. But by considering all of the pros and cons, you can be confident with your decision and comfortable with the new micro pig companion you've chosen for yourself. To be more technical, they have pink skin and white hair. I could see where a Berkshire/Hereford cross would do really well! Now you need to figure out what meat pig breed or breeds you want to raise. They are very docile pigs and good mothers usually having 8-10 piglets in each litter. He recommends adopting a bonded pair of pet pigs to start, as introducing pigs to new friends can be a lengthy and complicated process and it can take months to fully integrate two formerly-unknown pigs. Don’t be afraid to ask people questions about their animals after the shows. The Duroc is originated from Northern Europe and has developed a thick skin along with thick hair in the winter time. They must be solid white. You may be looking at two different animals on two different farms. The term monogastric means ‘simple stomach’ while the term omnivore means they consume both plant and animal material. The second most common breed of pig in North America is the Duroc. The american National swine registry notes this as the fourth "most-recorded breed" of pig raised as livestock in the united “The main thing to watch for is not the amount but the availability,” he says. Each breed has something different to offer.

Next, we will dive deeper into the CONS of guinea pigs as pets: 1. While some owners purchase their pig believing that they will remain small their entire lifetime, this simply isn't the case. These are excellent foraging pigs, very hardy and produce excellent quality meat.

Awesome! All together, a Berkshire should have six white points. We usually raise Berkshire/Hereford cross and butcher them. Don’t get set on a particular breed until you make sure that you can market those animals. One of the most important things a pet parent can do is ensure their potbellied pig is spayed or neutered.

Additionally, you want to avoid high-sugar or high-processed foods for treats, says Gray, adding that low-sugar, high-fiber fruits and veggies make the best treats for pet pigs. This is one of the oldest American breeds still in existence. Just a beginner and want to avoid pitfalls.

The Yorkshire, being white skinned, is highly susceptible to sunburn and at minimum, needs easy access to shade during the day. Miniature Pig Healthcare 101: How to Take Care of Your New Pet. or there may be a preference for meat quality over frame size. Durocs are one of the more docile breeds of pigs. The Yorkshire is the most popular breed of pig in North America today. The Tamworth is often referred to as “The Other Red Breed”.

The Hampshire breed is possibly the oldest, early-American breed of hogs in existence today. However, the Landrace has drooping ears rather than erect ears. The same thing goes if you are interested in doing show animals.

“Every species of pet has different symptoms for different diseases, and if a vet is not versed in potbellied pigs, then missing or delaying diagnosis is a real risk.”.

The Meishan is a Chinese breed of pig. Tamworths are smaller than some of the more popular breeds seen today. Rooting is the act of a potbellied pig digging and searching with its snout.

Armstrong-Madgison says that since potbellied-pigs don’t smell (despite their stereotypes), you don’t need to bathe them as much as you would, say, a dog. It’s a lot of information to take in. I’m going to walk you through the 10 most popular meat pig breeds that are raised today.

Pietrain pigs have erect ears. 6 Pros and Cons of Foreign Aid; 6 Pros and Cons of Flu Shot; 6 Pros and Cons of Flat Tax; 6 Pros and Cons of Fish Farming; 7 Pros and Cons of Federalism; 6 Pros and Cons of Fad Diets; 8 Pros and Cons of Factory Farming; 6 Pros and Cons of Ethanol; 7 Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes; 9 Pros and Cons of Embryonic Stem Cell Research If you have Hampshires, you will want to make sure that they are not affected by the PSS gene. If you are wanting to purchase pigs that are really wide bodied, comparing pictures side by side will let you look at that.

They love many of the table scraps that we have left over. “Pigs grow so quickly that poor nutrition can cause lasting, or even fatal problems,” he says. Pigs are great to have around.

So how can a pet pig parent avoid these issues? Mothers with high milk production will raise healthier babies. A pet pig diet is one of the most misunderstood parts of pig parenting, Illescas says, and it’s the most important aspect of owning a pig (or any pet) to understand. 10 Things Potential Teacup Pig Owners Need to Consider, Understanding the Pros and Cons of Owning Micro Pigs. The different meat pig breeds all offer different pros and cons. We raise Herford/Yorkshire cross. Pigs with two PSS genes will be severely affected. The Hampshire pig is a domestic swine breed. Interesting and informative article. According to Susan Armstrong-Madgison, owner and president of the Pig Placement Network and Rushland, Pennsylvania’s Ross Mill Farm, pigs are “genetically diverse.” Thus, there is very little consistency when it comes to their body size. Most owners of Pietrains will breed them to breeds that do not carry the PSS gene in an attempt to minimize the possibility of breeding two PSS positive animals together. To learn more about the Chester White breed of pig, visit Certified Pedigreed Swine’s Chester White page.

However, they do have the ability to carry the gene that causes Porcine Stress Syndrome, or PSS. The Hereford breed is considered one of the newer meat pig breeds and is very distinct in appearance. As an added benefit, dirt and mud offer effective protection from the harsh rays of the sun.”.

He has even been around his own babies and is gentle around them as well.

The Chester White, like other white meat pig breeds is highly susceptible to sunburn and needs, at minimum, access to shade. She isn’t as wide as them, but the breed does have wide individuals. When neglected or bored, your treasured pet can become disruptive and ruin flooring, destroy drywall, pick through trash cans, or ruin your landscaping. Copyright ©2020, Farminence. This will help you to identify the different breeds and make sure that you are getting the correct animal. They also have larger litters, which is also a plus.

They can range from a dark rusty red to a chestnut red. She’s also extremely docile. The Chester White is often crossed with other breeds to improve their mothering abilities, similar to the Landrace. Because pigs are almost completely blind, they rely on rooting to learn about their environment and source food. Yorkshires are known to be good mothers, which is something you want in a pig breed. Thanks and regards. To learn more about the Berkshire breed of pig, check out the American Berkshire Association. Their intelligence also makes them highly manipulative, which can set off the balance of an otherwise harmonious household. Gray says that some of the most common health problems in potbellied pigs include mange, obesity and arthritis.

“They learn quickly, they do not forget, and they are able to deduce,” Shepherd says. Before we get started, there’s something I want to share with you real quick-  Pigs can have ears that are erect and stand up or they can have ears that flop down. So you’ve decided to get pigs for your farm. This is due to the excellent mothering traits they have. They aren’t as prone to sunburn as some of the white meat pig breeds are, so they can handle being in the sun more as well. Most of these are suppose to be raised on pasture and are slow growers.

“Pigs are pack animals by nature and do best with a friend. Hampshires create lean carcasses with large cuts of meat. When comparing it to other breeds, it is more similar in appearance to wild boars or photos of pigs that you may see from the 18th Century. Below, we'll discuss the distinct pros and cons of purchasing one of many micro pigs for sale to help you better determine whether or not you want to invest in your own pet. Marbling affects the tenderness and taste of meat.

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