Tetryon is weak and won’t be listed here. Can Beam Overload be used with Singularity Overcharge? Which Weapons have been slotted in the BO example Husnock warship? Directed Energy Modulation (The rank you have room for, lower priority than Emergency Power to Weapons) Reverse Shield Polarity (If you have problems with surviving, can replace Directed Energy Modulation) Engineering Team (Heal, normally a filler ability if you have room for it as Ensign ability) Science Boff Abilities: What tier in the Phoenix store is the Reiterative Structural Capacitor available? Idk what is worse… The fact you did nearly a 99% Great post, and forgot to add in the additional skill unlocks you have to choose in the skill tree after selecting the main skills. Last I played was 2012’ish and I just came back a little bit ago. I notice on your ship builds section you don’t got builds for La Sirena Heavy Raider, Vulcan Experimental Scout Vessel, Freedom Exploration Frigate? dont worry, hope you got a correct invite now . an AP build. Or just sell it and buy one or two other great ships, i.E. If you can only slot 5, how do you determine which of the available DOFFs will provide the best benefit under the widest variety of circumstances? ), Elder Malik’itan (Warfare Master, Gamma Recruit, ground slot): Increase damage vs All (if you have him, slot him! today we would like to discuss beam ships and how to build them. Is that something I should just abandon and start from scratch? Kinetic Cutting Beam, Is T5 morale different from T5 Colony World?

I did look at the ap example ship but nothing is labeled so it’s really hard to tell what each console is just from the picture. Could someone show me a good anti-porotn build?
I’m spamming BO due to the short cool down but I’m concerned that could lock out my crits and lower my dps. Delphic Omni Beam, You’re also the first one to ask about them, as far as I know. Why is emergency powers to engines required? Herald Dual Beam Bank, That is a linked disruptor omni. You have a turret on the AP Gagarin build but not the plasma one, which turret would you recommend for plasma. Have about 1.5b and a good pile of lobi stashed? Between Phaser and Antiproton Which would you say is the stronger option right now? Thanks much! Or, the fact im the only one to notice it….

Quick question. But the unlocks are pretty obvious anyway. I’d use an Altamid.

I didnt used DEM for long time but it felt kinda very weak this week when i used DEM2 (and data on parser showed it also) that it does low dmg even when compared to CRF1 or other lt tier abilities. ), Dynamic Power Redistributor (Fed-Fed/Jem: Atlas Class Prototype Dreadnought, KDF/KDF-Jem/ROM: Console Choice Pack, Lockbox/Exchange), Altamid Modified Swarm Processor (Lobi Store), M6 Tactical Computer (Temporal Escort – Perseus Class T3), Approaching Agony (Phaser Build, Lockbox/Exchange), Weaponized Helical Torsion (Phaser Build, Legendary Discovery or Mirror Discovery), Ordnance Accelerator (Phaser and Polaron Builds, Gamma Reputation), Piezo-Electric Focuser (Polaron and Plasma Builds, Lukari Reputation), Assimilated Module (Omega Reputation, Discount), Zero Point Module (Romulan Reputation, Discount), Point Defense Bombardement Warhead (NX Ship, Lobi-Store or Legendary Version), Hull Image Refractor (for survivability, Lockbox / Exchange), Reiterative Structural Capacitor (Phoenix Store), Regenerative Integrity Field (for survivability, Samsar Cruiser, Epic Phoenix Token), Protomatter Field Projector (for survivability, Lukari Science Ship, Epic Phoenix Token), Aligned Antiproton Shielding (Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser), Temporal Anomaly Projector (AP Build, Lockbox/Exchange), Polymorphic Probe Array (AP Build, Lockbox/Exchange), Ba’ul Linked Sentry Coordination Matrix (AP Build, Lobi-Store), Reinforced Armaments (Phaser Builds, Episode “Beyond the Nexus”), House Martok Defensive Configuration (Disruptor Build,  Discount version, Episode “Brushfire”), Bellum EPS Flow Regulator (Discount, free from boxes while leveling up Discovery reputation, only use these if you don’t have anything else, but choose these if you have the choice), Bellum RCS Accelerator (Discount, free from boxes while leveling up Discovery reputation, only those use if you don’t have anything else), Temporal Disentanglement Suite (Discount Version, Episode: “Butterfly”, for non-Aux2Bat Builds), Nausicaan Siphon Capacitor (Disruptor Builds, Discount Version, Episode “Echoes of Light”), Quantum Phase Converter (Phaser Builds, Discount Version, Episode “Sunrise”), Bellum Field Generator (Discount, free from boxes while leveling up Discovery reputation, use only if nothing better is available), Bellum Nanite-Reinforced Circuitry (Discount, free from boxes while leveling up Discovery reputation, use only if nothing better is available). Of course we will also post builds for other ships if enough people ask for them. You’ll use Entwined Tactical Matrices anyway, so in the end it won’t matter that much if you switch FAW and TS around. Just adding to this that if you guys have the Marion doff, perhaps the dev forgot to link the rebuilt power to him? you might wanna consider to change the epic mod from crth/crtd to crtd/dm , and feel free to join our discord, you usualy get answers there faster , Thanks , but even tho i was veteran before , over 2 years of constant play, right now i just wanna play casual , it bothers me a bit that everything has “finish with zen” option.

I was wondering because I’m nearing the T6 for my reputations and I’m thinking of grabbing the Fleet Caitian Shikaris Escort for the Experimental Railgun but if the railgun Isn’t all that good then I wont use my fleet ship modules on it. But that’s for visuals. Here, diboron is used as an effective interfacial modifier between SnO 2 and perovskite. its not a flat 20% crtd or so for everything, just for the limited duration you run that singularity power . Yes but under “Ship guides” it is linked to sto academy (way better then looking at screenshots and thinking about which console is in the picture). check the discord tab for the link, its part of our menu . Strongly recommended for tanks), Auxiliary to Battery I (For cooldown reduction management with boffs, usually the lowest possible), Directed Energy Modulation (The rank you have room for, lower priority than Emergency Power to Weapons), Reverse Shield Polarity (If you have problems with surviving, can replace Directed Energy Modulation), Engineering Team (Heal, normally a filler ability if you have room for it as Ensign ability), Hazard Emitter I (Heal and cleanse, normally used as ensign ability), Science Team I (Shield Heal and cleanse, normally used as ensign ability), Photonic Officer (For Cooldown Management, in case you don’t want to use Aux2Bat), Subspace Vortex (Additional EPG AoE Damage, for high-end runs or if you have nothing better to slot), Very Cold in Space (additional EPG Aoe Damage, for high-end runs or if you have nothing better to slot), Tractor Beam (trigger ability for Unconventional Tactics personal trait, highly situational choice), Narrow Sensor Bands (Miracle Worker –  Highest rank possible, usually III), Mixed Armaments Synergies (Miracle Worker – Rank I or III depending on the ship and if it does not interfere with your Fire mode for example), Override Subsystem Safeties (Intel – Preferably the highest version if it does not interfere with other abilities with higher priority like fire modes), Recursive Shearing (Temporal Operative – Rank I or III depending on the ship, lower priority than fire mode), Pilot Team (Pilot – if you have nothing better to slot), Intel Team (Intel – if you have nothing better to slot), 3x Technician: Auxiliary to Battery CD Reduction (required for A2B builds, discount, can be obtained via B’tran Cluster chain for free or via commendation ranks store), Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTH (expensive, rare is usually good enough), Energy Weapon Officer: Chance for CRTD (expensive, rare is usually good enough), Emergency Conn Hologram: CD Reduction for Evasive Maneuvers (Phoenix store, just get one!) Only unslot it if you know what you’re doing), Beam Overload (I, usually used as a trigger ability for the competitive engines and Inspirational Leader), Distributed Targeting (If you have nothing better to slot), Best Served Cold (If you have nothing better to slot), Cannon Scatter Volley or Cannon Rapid Fire (As a trigger ability for colony consoles), Attack Pattern Delta (I or III, depends on the ship layout. I’d try the Gagarin build, move the Lorca console to a tac slot. Is it worth the loss in torpedo angle to switch from wide angle to dark matter?

Currently there are less frequent hits, by about half. Lol well yeah. But if everyone else has them, I want to make sure I can get my hands on the biggest one I can.". with the introduction of the Ba’ul Weapons AP builds are pretty strong now. Console – Tactical – Counter-Command Multi-Conduit Energy Relay in a discount setup? What set bonus do you think would be better, the 3-pc Ba’ul or the 2-pc lorca/discovery rep? Why I’m asking is because I managed to get a Special Requisition Choice Pack – Tier 6 Promotional Ship Choice Pack from the infinity promo R&D going on and I’m really doing my research on which ship to grab I don’t want to pick one and have buyers remorse after. I will run a combo of coalition and elachi front and rear and broadside ^^, overcharge is the singularity ability only. if you wanna use energy weapons, propably the vaadwaur juggernaught promo ship, but its a big ship and you need to pilot it propperly. Is it no longer a high priority to get the 2-piece bonus with the DPRM for synergistic retrofitting? Leaves one slot for you. sci => bioneural infusion, altamid (both lobi)

The Lukari are the same resource reqs and they weren’t greyed out. If I have both the Lobi Ba’ul Torp and the Dark Matter Quantum Torp, which one should I use?

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