THIS DRESSING IS FABULOUS!! Thank you so much for this recipe. Hands down my favorite Caesar dressing! I have limited bandwidth for reviews that sound like personal attacks on a woman who has transformed the way so many families eat by sharing her time and talents with the rest of us. You make Mayonnaise fresh. I’m a anchovy eater. So after work, I went to the store to get my ingredients. I mixed the dressing in the salad mix to make sure it was all coated. Thank you. You can thin it with some water. Really? I went to ‘pantry’ (kitchen cabinet) and found that I was fresh out of 1000’s of islands, so I made this, ’cause I could. It’s always great and is one of my daughter’s most requested meals. My search is over! Thank you for the recipe. I was apprehensive about a fishy taste, instead I found myself looking for things to dip into this dressing! It was such a hit! I love this dressing. I will DEFINITELY make this again. I’m also Italian. It looks delicious! My 5 year old ate an entire plate of salad! It is my go to recipe for hosting dinners/attending dinners it is my go to recipe for hosting dinners/attending dinners. Subbed in pecorino romano for the parm since that was all we had on hand, and added a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar for some extra zing (perhaps my lemon wasn’t tangy enough). Satisfied all of my cravings! This is my first time making Caesar Dressing, and I must say I will never buy store bought again.

So easy, tastes amazing and so much better than bottled! Thank you. . For all who are skeptical…try it first before eliminating it. Always thought Caesar dressing was too difficult.

Thank you:). Such a simple, wonderful recipe! If you like the taste of mayo in your dressing then proceed on! Thank you! You might also like this creamy feta dressing. Not good! It’s also easy to modify if you have a guest with special tastes or needs. Love, love this recipe so much I’m making it for family and friends to use. . For other salads, my favorites are Romaine, arugula, and baby spinach I like them on their own or combined together. Its amazing, easy and delicious. I didn’t have anchovy either but added a few more drops of lemon juice. Will try them soon though. This was amazing. I LOVE this recipe!!! I think the thing that I love the most is not one component overtakes another. Just gross. Thank you! I followed the directions to a “T” and now it goes in my “favorites” Recipe Pile. It has to be refrigerated so I was told to find it in the same aisle as chip dips. I started making this dressing about two years ago and it’s a family favorite. Hi Jenn… Finally, tried this dressing and it is FAB. This was the best cesar dressing my husband and I ever had! I will never buy ceasars dressing in a bottle again! Thank you for making life so much easier and making me look like the star!

I also make the croutons by cutting pita into triangles, tossing with olive oil and kosher salt, and baking at 400 until very crisp.

In any event, try offering critiques without getting personal. I made it (again) tonight and added some leftover chicken and polenta croutons from scratch. Grating the Parmesan fresh makes a very notable difference! I substituted Vegan Grapeseed Veganaisse for Mayo.

If I couldn’t find anchovy paste and have a can of anchovies instead, how many anchovies would you say is the equivalent to 1/4 teaspon of paste? Read more…, Plus free email series "5 of a Classically Trained Chef". Light & Healty . This is far the best Caesar salad dressing that I’ve ever had. The anchovy and dijon shines through. You can obviously modify it to suit individual tastes, but the dressing recipe is superb. This might be the one of the best ones. Oh yes, I love this recipe. Anytime i make it for guests they ask for recipe.

I had a large organic romaine head of lettuce and used it all with the dressing. Will make again and again. Love this recipe! Made my whole life smile! I did leave out the parmesan cheese in the dressing, but I add it in shavings for the top of my salad to save on my WW points.

I love that it is creamy, yet light. With eggs! I use Thai fish sauce, maybe a teaspoon or two, and it is magnificent.

I voted to make the grilled chicken caesar salad for a big family birthday party tomorrow, I’ve NEVER made homemade Caesar dressing before but after seeing the 5 ⭐️ rating and reading reviews I figured I’d give it a try. Added some chopped capers and it was perfect. Might as well buy ready-made. Just add a little water to the dressing until it is the consistency you want. The not so garlicky, tangy, salty combination was sublime! Blows guests away whenever there is caesar salad being served. Just. Just trying to lighten things up a bit. I don’t think I’ll ever buy store bought Caesar again!!! I think is has a great flavor and will definitely make it again. Absolutely the best dressing we’ve ever had!

I cut the recipe in half since I’m the only one who eats it. Everyone absolutely loved it and we have had a lot of Caesar salads over the years Thank you. I like this version because it’s a bit different with on oil, but I will consider coming up with one that does use oil. I just made this dressing using garlic powder and already grated Parmesan. (I do sometimes thin it a little before tossing it with freshly washed and dried Romaine.) Delicious! Super!

I always add a bit more lemon and also lemon zest. There are limited salad leaves available in India mainly iceberg and Romaine are always available. This is the one! What does she think mayonnaise is made from? This is the best Caesar Salad I have made and so easy!! This dressing is like absolutely delicious! I will never buy caesar dressing again. Hope that helps!

Hello! I only have canned anchovies. Hi Rita, It is a thick dressing — you don’t want it too thin or it won’t coat the greens — but you can thin it with a little water if necessary. LOVE this ceaser dressing! I also didn’t like the soybean and canola oils used in commercial brands. The second time I made it double the batch & bottled for my family. This is the best Caesar dressing I ever had. Laura. I love not having raw egg in there too. how many servings of salad will this dressing make? There is no avoiding the distinctive mayonnaise flavor, and this is from someone who really likes mayonnaise. Oh my goodness this is delicious! Thanks for the recipe – loved it the way it was, which was lucky. Excellent dressing. Thank you. Thanks 4 the recipe. WOW this is the best dressing. My family loved it. Only difference I used real anchovies, as I didn’t have the paste. PS: I am not squeamish- in fact, I love anchovies! I was just wondering why raw eggs would be a health concern to small kids but Hellmann’s Mayo which is full of GMO’s is a safe substitute? My 4 yo twins gobbled it up and wanted to dip anything and everything in it. They’re all delicious! It is delicious, garlicky, and oh so yummy.

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