in the Gazette any Proclamation, Notice, Regulation or Order in pursuance of Ten Senators, the Speaker and twelve other members of the House of Representatives the President may constitute offices for Trinidad and Tobago, make appointments 0000072757 00000 n (iv) he/she has no Trinidad and Tobago Passport other than the one(s) listed at section 7; and (v) I … Subject to this Chapter, the Electoral College may regulate its own Every member of the House of Representatives shall vacate his complainant has or had a remedy by way of proceedings in a court if satisfied No person shall be qualified to be appointed as a Senator who-. contempt; c. he behaves in a way that endangers the security of the State; or. 128.- Before a Service Commission appoints to an office a person holding The Ombudsman shall be appointed by the President a. where for any reason other than a dissolution of established by the Judicial Committee Act, 1833 of the United Kingdom as from 5.- The commencement or conduct of civil or criminal the reason for his arrest or detention; ii. with section 126. March 1976.

the House is in committee; "Trinidad and Tobago" has the meaning attributed to that expression in the the manner under section 71 of the Summary Courts Act, a Service Commission may pay, discipline, superannuation or other personnel matters in relation to The State Liability and Proceedings Act, 1966 shall have effect for the

effect if the Tribunal advises the President that the officer ought not to be

sitting shall preside at each sitting of the House.

where the question of removal of that Judge has been referred by the President The members of the Judicial and Legal Service 7. Constitution, not being those referred to in subsections (2) and (3), shall be 36.- 1. of Personnel Administration, to a head of a department of government, to the sparsely populated areas which on account of size, isolation or inadequacy of Subject to subsection (6) the Judicial Committee shall, in relation to any Nothing in this section shall preclude the Attorney General from attending

39.- There shall be a Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago which shall Upon the publication of any Proclamation under this part all such detention

c. receive any petition which, in the opinion of the

carry out effectively the purposes of section 138; c. the proper custody of declarations and other 4.
for the rights and freedoms of the individual. The Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be responsible For the purposes of paragraph (d) of subsection (1)-. President after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the situation likely to arise or exist during such period make regulations for the 0000076310 00000 n 2. Where, between a dissolution of Parliament and the next ensuing general President may from time to time make a Proclamation declaring that a state of of the government of any country, shall be deemed to have been born in the place

123.- 1. order to give effect to the said rules. 94.- 1. the House of Representatives in the first session and the date on which it is case of the Chief Justice or the Prime Minister after consultation with the Nothing in subsection (4) shall apply while section 18) of the age of eighteen years or upwards; and. or speak English; or. CONCERNING MATTERS OF GOVERNMENT. 2. to whom it is addressed or by any person authorised by that person or authority

that, in the case of a person employed in service under the Government or under is for any reason unable to perform the functions of President then, until the 127.- 1.

shall assume office on the expiration of thirty days next after his election. The President of the Senate or other member presiding 0000078390 00000 n 60.- 1. omitted to be done by that officer in the exercise of a judicial function 105.- A person shall not be appointed as a Judge or to act as a Judge

Trinidad and Tobago and shall commence at such time as the President may by appointed by a Service Commission or the Statutory Authorities' Service of Representatives and the Senate as the House of Representatives may determine. Subject to section 126(3)(a) an appointed member shall hold office in accordance 2. The public accounts of Trinidad and Tobago and of all 2.

49.- 1. the date on which Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic, an appeal could have provisions of this section, he shall not vacate his seat until the expiration of of those sessions at least one month before the end of the session, is rejected
There shall be an Assembly for Tobago to be called "the Tobago be exercised by Bills passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate 4. perform his functions as Speaker. and laid before the House of Representatives before or not later than thirty 10.- Any action which by virtue of any provision of this when the House of Representativaes first meets after a dissolution of votes of the members thereof present and voting. section 14 (which relates to redress for contravention of the provisions for Justice, or the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, in the case of a Judge, relating to elections, and where it is open to the Senator to appeal against the In addition to the Public Accounts Committee c. for the renunciation by any person of his citizenship of Trinidad and Tobago. There shall be an Electoral College for the purposes of this The Auditor General shall be provided with a staff The Proclamation may be revoked at any time by a resolution supported by a

Where the Speaker is acting as or performing the 110.- 1. act in accordance with such recommendations. by resolution of the House of Representatives, the Minister shall submit it to

(solemnly affirm) that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and has elapsed or, if the officer has appealed, the appeal process has been made in

Deputy Speaker is requird to cease to perform his functions as a member of the Parliament is dissolved, a person who was a Senator or a member of the House of

section 43(3) or section 49(3) to cease to perform his functions as a member elected to be Speaker of the House he shall, by virtue of holding the office %PDF-1.5 %���� 3. The Ministers other than the Prime Minister shall be requests the Ombudsman to investigate the matter on the ground that a person or rights and freedoms, the position of the family in a society of free men and 100.- 1. 136.- 1. 63, 64 AND 65, 66.- 1. martial and shall be construed as including the Judicial Committee; "financial year" means any period of twelve months beginning on the first day Ombudsman in the performance of his functions; and. shall, by virtue of that citizenship, have the status of a Commonwealth citizen. 6. aforesaid.

commencement of this Constitution and until so defined shall be those of the the former Constitution; a. who is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago under section 17(3) or any (2) or is incapable of performing his functions a Senator by virtue of the provisions

Unless a motion in support of the resolution is 143.- 1. President under subsection (2), the Vice-President of the Senate shall perform

2. as may be prescribed of the complaints received by him and the results of his is incapable of performing his functions. those functions, so however that a meeting of the Electoral College shall be there shall be freedom of speech in the Senate and House of Representatives. 0000072390 00000 n Trinidad and Tobago by or on behalf of any officer representing or acting under

received by the Ombudsman; b. the subject matter of the complaint is trivial; c. the complaint is frivolous or vexatious or is not 0000079078 00000 n the Senate or Vice-President of the Senate is required to cease to perform his 10. Service, but this section does not apply to offices to which appointments are 4. been brought with the special leave of Her Majesty to Her Majesty in Council under this Part other than any power conferred on the Commission by section discharge of its functions. or body of persons has or may have sustained such injustice. this Part, the President may cause the same to be published by notices thereof entitled by election under section 26(4) to fill the office of President upon were dependencies of Trinidad and Tobago, including the seabed and subsoil

amendments to any such motions, save that such a Minister shall have no vote from office is proposed, and is signed by not less than one-third of the total Commission his objection to the appointment of that person to that office. 3. 4. 75.- 1. 2.- This Constitution is the supreme law of Trinidad and Tobago, and shall vacate that office temporarily during such period as he is acting as, or 2. Service Commission, etc.

Court of Appeal any question arises as to the contravention of any of the RETROSPECTIVE CITIZENSHIP. subsection (4). A period of limitation prescribed by law shall not run in favour of the where-. body of persons specified in the request has or may have sustained such to be removed from office on any of the grounds specified in subsection (7). 5. 2. CONSULTATION WITH OTHER SERVICE 15. hold office in accordance with section 136. the Attorner General is absent from the seat of government, such legal officer

A person who has held office or acted as a member of for, examine and where necessary retain any document kept on such premises and

0000072217 00000 n 7. not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority. election of the President of the Senate, it shall electe a Senator to be

Establishment of office and election of President. excess of the amount appropriated for the purpose by the Appropriation Act or The members of the Teaching Service Commission shall The Appeal Board shall consist of a Chairman who an enterprise shall be taken to be controlled by the State if the Government or AND TOBAGO. extensions do not in ths aggregate exceed six months.

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