send a pdf file of 


proteins compensate energetically for the destabilizing effects of disordered 4. “A Critique of Orientalism.

Examples:  3-D spatial reasoning, deep time, field mapping, and conceptual models of climate change, Origins of Volcaniclastic Deposits Associated with the 2360 BP Eruption of Meager Mountain (field work, lab analysis of samples, and making photogrammetric maps of the deposits), Geomicrobiology projects: Chemostatic and batch cultures of bacteria involved in nitrogen cycling to determine how these bacteria respond to environmental change; Metabolic controls of biogenic methane by conducting growth experiments on two strains of Archael methanogens; How phosphorus and nitrogen cycle in iron-rich laterite soils from Indonesia, Degradation of creosote naphthalene under different environmental conditions and by different microorganisms: helping solve a Fraser River pollution remediation problem, Methane and Nitrous Oxide concentrations in the Subarctic Pacific, 1) Geochemical study (i.e. 4. In the humanities, theses average 50-75 pages in length and consist of two or more chapters. A separate grade is given for this course based on a variety of assignments and on class participation. faculty member culminating in a thesis.


Involves petrography, SEM work, some calculations. Ke Zou ( ), 

Once an acceptable thesis topic has been outlined, a MA student must identify and secure agreement from an appropriate faculty member to serve as supervisor of the thesis, in consultation with the Graduate Director. This allows for about 5

(Last updated Nov 13, 2019) “Edward III and the Crown of France”, Scott, William H. “The Earl of Derby and His Household, 1587–1590”, Stuart, R.C.

At this point, all students should be thinking of specific deadlines for the various stages of completion of their Honours Thesis. (*), McClanaghan, Lauren "The Fifteenth Amendment in Flesh and Blood: Black United States Congressmen from 1870 to 1901" (*), Ng, Matthew Shing Tak "Building Trust amongst Communist Brethren: Examining the Korean War in the Context of Sino-Soviet Relations, 1950–1953" (*), Yam, Vincent "Showing Canada to Canadians: The National Film Board, World War Two and the Nation’s Identity" (*), Blatchford, Barrie “Animal Acclimatization in America: The Case Study of the Ring-Necked Pheasant” (*), Bunton, Robin “Travelogue Hegemonies: The Victorian Construction of Womanhood in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egypt” (*), Doyle, Joseph W. “The Other Canadian Content: Canadian Music, Alternative Culture, and Campus Radio, 1980–95” (*), Fernando, Jason “The Role of Sunyata in the Ethics and Science of Francisco J. Varela” (*), Garrett, Pilar “A Natural Brilliance: Brazil’s Museu Nacional and the 19th-Century Pursuit of National Consciousness” (*), Goldowitz, Jacob “Sender, Receiver, and Reader: The Ninth-Century Letter Collections of Einhard, Lupus, and Frothar” (*), Gooding, Anna “Policing Women: Clubswomen, Policewomen, and Delinquent Girls in Vancouver, 1910–1930” (*), Grenier, Nigel “Contested Narratives: The Burning of Gitsegukla 1872 from a Gitxsan Perspective” (*), Hyde, Lauren “An “Ought-World:” Episcopal Aspirations of the Peace of God in Francia, 989–1044” (*), Knight, Shannon “Footbinding from Flower to Foot: How Missionaries Transformed a Symbol of Pride to Shame” (*), MacAulay, Alison ““History, Healing, and Hollywood: Social Memoir in Rwandan Cinema”” (*), Matyszewski, Adam “Dividing Solidarity: Conflict, Leadership and Times in the Solidarity Movement, British Columbia, 1983” (*), Mohale, Maneo R. “A Dance in the Rain: Race, Resistance and Media in Early Apartheid South Africa” (*), Murray, Hanna “More than Muscle: Physical Culture and American Health at the Turn of the Century” (*), Read, Catherine “Feminine Futures: Maternal Authority in the Early Years of The Girl’s Own Paper, 1880–1882” (*), Ribi, Daniel “Ensnared by the Octopus: Labour, Politics, and the Press in the Great Railroad Strike of 1877” (*), Salim, Jason “Siapa Saya: Chinese Indonesian Pasts through the Life and Art of FX Harsono” (*), Willoughby, Robert “Burke, Mill and the Company: An Examination of the Political Influence of Edmund Burke and J.S. previous 449 theses  The Supervisor will be a person with special interest and competence in the field of research being undertaken. “Soviet-American Relations: The Atomic Bomb and the Cold War”, Hogan, PV “The Myth of the Prosecutor in Industrial Society”, Hutchinson, David “The Right not to Be Lied to: The Bay of Pigs and the American Press”, Johnson, Evelyn “The Rectification of Chinese Mainland Historians in the Socialist Education Campaign, 1962–65”, Leonard, Frank “The Franco-Russian Dispute over British Trade in the Baltic, 1807–1912”, Martin, Shirley A. Kolind, Shannon Mary Lou Bevier

I'm doing a biology thesis, but just a quick note that I recently asked Science Advising, and you DO NOT need to do 30 credits in the same year you're doing the thesis itself.

One thing I did was use the first chapters/sections as a basic introduction to the field, to give any non-specialist a good background. r/UBC: The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada!

1940 The Legal Limitations of Municipal Funded . The members chosen to sit on any given committee will not necessarily work in the student’s research field, but will be chosen simply to assess the overall scientific ability of the student). Students are required to attend half of all Crime and Criminals in London, 1810–1950” (*), Sigurgeirson, Mandy “"Loosening the Ties": Afro-American Women Writers and the Harlem Renaissance” (*), Waters, Wendy “Calles at the Crossroads of Mexican History: New Roads, Old Direction ” (*), Buchanan, Chris “Continuity and Change: The Impact of Black Nationalism on Ohio's Black Leadership” (*), Juricic, Andrew “The Nationalist Dynamic in the Soviet Baltic Republics, 1985–1990” (*), McLeod, Andrew “The Influence of the Roman Occupation of Britain on Anglo-Saxon Settlement” (*), Miller, Heather “Yf lak of charyte be not ower hynderawnce: History and The Book of Margery Kempe”, Prosser, Darlene “Separate but Equal: Female Empowerment and the Populist Experience” (*), Walkey, Michael A. Students will learn the theoretical, technical, analytical, and communication skills needed to address knowledge gaps in their areas of expertise by designing and conducting original research of suitable quality to present at conferences and for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Undergraduate students from any faculty doing a honours thesis or directed studies are encouraged to apply and fine-tune their communication skills!                    The project serves only as a specific focus on which to develop these skills.

High academic … Please field, petrology, trace element and or isotopes) of North Cascade Volcanism, Petrography of Cretaceous-Tertiary sandstones, Bylot Island, Nunavut; additional paleontology projects. The actual date of the examination will have to be negotiated based on the schedules of all Committee members once the Committees have been set up. Is it a lot of sustained work throughout the term, or is it a lot of work all at once, but not so much otherwise? Honestly, it's all about how you manage your time. “"The protection of the strong from degeneration": Eugenics and Sexuality in Early Twentieth-Century Britain” (*), Inaba, Ayumi “Conflict in Prewar Japanese Education: Distances of Straying”, Matheson, D. Spencer “Dirt, Disease, Demoralization and Death: Edwin Chadwick and the Ideology of British Public Health, 1839–1854” (*), McHardy, Paul Gregor “Images of Canadian Imperialism: Figures and Symbols in the Idology of Nation” (*), Robinson, R. Ken “The Development of Canals in England to 1790”, Rusk, Bruce A. A minimum grade average of 75% is strongly suggested. Basically in early November you write a proposal for what your thesis will be, and present this to the class (~10-15 minutes) shortly after. Credits: 6 Prerequisites: none Required Text none. are a guideline   and   helpful tips  to  help  you prepare the slides and  give the talk. – Preparation of data for presentation (graphs, tables, etc.)

supervisor regarding about how many hours of work per week you will put Completion of all courses attempted (e.g.

Instructor:  Rob Kiefl. “Military Education in the US Military Academy prior to 1861”, Amor, David L. “The Concept of History in the Thought of Jean-Paul Sartre” (*), Carrier, M.B.

supervisor please take a look at the list of potential supervisors (see above). Honours students in Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences specializations are required to submit a thesis involving original research, on a subject approved by the Department, in their fourth or final year. So 2 written pieces and 3 oral presentations overall. ", Portiz, Freeman “The Role of the Press in Shaping a New Middle-East: Egyptian-Israeli Relations from 1977–1979 as Seen through the Headlines/News Articles, Opinion Pieces and Editorials of Three Major Israeli Newspapers: The Jerusalem Post, Yedioth Aharonoth, and Ha'aretz” (*), Roussin, Della S. “The Premier and the Press: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of British Columbians” (*), Wang, Chelsea Zi "Thinking Through Sources: History, Texts, and a Newly-Found Letter of Wang Yangming", Wu, Jim “"Semi-Reformed": Official Western-Academic, and the Individual Recollections and Perceptions of Shanghai, 1976–1989” (*), Ballan, Mohammad “Fraxinetum: A Glimpse into the Mediterranean World of the Tenth Century?” (*), Bartel, Calvin “Internal Tension and External Pressure in Diego Valadés' Rhetorica Christiana” (*), Bell, Andrew “From Debate to Dialogue: Richard Kearney and the Debate about Postmodernism in the Philosophy of History”, Bourne, Sean “Genesis Green: The Roots of Conservation and the Marketing of Electricity at BC Hydro, 1961–1991” (*), Carter-Gardner, Chelsea “Papal Smear: Remarks on the Conspiracy, Narrative and Emplotment of a Historical Fiction” (*), Harris, Dustin “Laboratories of Imperialism: Cultural Theory in French African Urban Planning and Architecture” (*), McFarlane, Julia “The Serpent and the Dragon: China's Ministry of Public Health under Mao, 1949–59” (*), Molnar, Elizabeth “Selling Postcolonial Dominica: Coups, Klansmen and Crabs” (*), Morris, Mike “British Columbia's Vietnam War” (*), Myres, Kristen “A Study of Early Modern Radicalism: Representing the Thought of Gerrard Winstanley” (*), Neufeld, Lars “Inscrutabile Asiae: Public Health, Semicolonial Biopolitics, and Cholera Epidemics in Shanghai, 1902–1932” (*), Sciampacone, Amanda “The British Social Body and the Threat of Contamination: Cholera, London and the Press” (*), Whitaker, Michael “To Work the Peace of the Present: The Origins of the Federal Disaster Relief Policy and the Philosophy of Herbert Hoover” (*), Wong, Angela “Finding the Sino-Vietnamese: The Historic Process of the Identification of the Sino-Vietnamese in Vancouver” (*), Carlson, Jodi “Marie Stopes and the Nutritional Benefits of Sex” (*), Dzanic, Dzavid “The European Revolutions of 1848 in Lower Canada's Political Discourse”, Lao, Tao-Yee “Vladimir Medem and the Dilemmas of "Jewishness" in Imperial Russia, 1836–1903: Generational Change, Geographical Transformation, and the Jewish Question”, Leja, Meg “The Making of Men, not Masters: Right Order and Lay Masculinity according to Dhuoda and Nithard” (*), Mack, Kelsey Rose “Indirectly Critical: The Treatment of Louis the Pious by Einhard and Paschasius Radbertus”, Mistry, Reina “Eating Empire: Examining the Naturalization of Curry in British Columbia, 1750 to 1850” (*), Novakovic, Ana “Modernity and Tradition: The Effects of Progress on Portrayals of Native People in the Pacific Northwest” (*), Paisana, Tony “Saloons and the Mining Frontier: Rediscovering Leadville's Culture from 1877 to 1897” (*), Pyper, Donald “History, Frontier and System: Recontextualizing the 'Evolution' of Electrical Systems in Thomas Hughes's Networks of Power”, Smith, Kirby “Women and Bodies of Authority in Eighteenth-Century France”, Tan, Vincent “Reclaimed Space: The Resettlement of Boat People in Colonial Hong Kong” (*), Tse, Justin “Wai, hai mai lam yun lei go?

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