Every human passes through the Spiritual Realm on their way to the afterlife.

Join the Global Awakening at "Raise the World Project Now" on YouTube, More posts from the spirituality community. Mirrors may be seen as portals or gateways because they reflect possibilties.

link to video : https://youtu.be/cIgP0ae2CIY. And so, some time later, one day you wake up differently and realize that your visit to that place affected your own energy field and increased your awareness. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

A Spiritual Portal is just a fancy way of saying a practice that Raises your Level of Consciousness and Vibration. .

From birth, every person lives with one of the nine Spiritual Portals active.

It exudes ethereal energies and possesses the most power and possibility of the three realms. In Vedanta for instance

If you have ever had this experience it is probably because your body and soul were aware of these, The Universe is full of mysteries and a large portion of people believe, We can also refer to these energy portals on Earth, The electric vortices are composed of masculine energy and stimulate the consciousness through the donation of emotional and physical load.

link to video : Press J to jump to the feed. Invocation uses an incantation to coax the portal into being. What are spiritual portals and why its important. Depending on a person's lifestyle or state of mind, they may exist in both the Earthen and Spiritual Realms simultaneously.

Some portals align to other star systems and it is not difficult to access them when you are in one of these. The vortices that are electromagnetic, There are great portals of energy and these have been known to mankind forever. there is much more than we are able to see, Déjà vu: the explanation behind the phenomenon, Front-door Feng Shui: what should it be like, Tree of Life: everything you need to know, Chaos theory: everything you need to know, Helping your elderly relatives stay positive during lockdown, Reducing the stress with a head massage: how to do it and benefits. Portals supposedly offer gateways to realms outside of this dimension and can be discovered naturally or opened through the performance of rituals.

The electric vortices are composed of masculine energy and stimulate the consciousness through the donation of emotional and physical load. We can also refer to these energy portals on Earth as vortices. Many people gravitate toward spirituality to seek religious-like understandings without the ideological constraints of institutional religion. The opening prayer begins with relaxation attained through deep breathing and a grounding of your energy to help with your journey.

They hold together the third- and fourth-dimensional planes that connect to form the doors to other dimensions or realms.

It's less a place and more a feeling of comfort and joy. Focus provides a quicker way to summon a gateway to a chosen realm, though it also involves repetition and concentration on a colored orb.

Or, this impact can take years to come. What are spiritual portals and why its important.

Thoughts and old questions come to mind, and as if in magic, they are solved. The Astral Realm, or the heavens, provides a home to the immortals. Here, we discuss such things as personal transformation, the meaning of life, death, and moments of clarity.
Mirrors are holders of recognition.

Those brave enough to face the danger of accessing alternate universes must remember failure to properly open and close these ethereal gateways often constitutes a matter of life and death. WeMystic is an information site and its content is not of scientific rigor.

Maybe when you went through one of these energy portals you were not spiritually awake. Often, you may feel drawn to visiting a place that is not on the list in an inexplicable way.

Energy portals are special points where the energy circulates spirally, clockwise or counterclockwise.

To tap into your Higher Self, which is Pure Consciousness imbued with the power of Love and Compassion.

When the energy flows up and out of the Earth, it constitutes a positive portal.

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